Knowledge Maturity

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Introducing knowledge management

Introducing information management

Capturing knowledge of leaving staff

Capturing knowledge of retiring staff

Widely expanding organization

Shrinking organization

Merger or acquisition

Increase knowledge sharing

Reducing costs

There are more then 100 strategic goals which can be successfully reached by using knowledge management techniques

Knowledge Management

The same as for innovation, knowledge management is a major attention point if you want to be successful in any business.

It is less known though.

And the application is enormously.

Applying knowledge management on e.g. software development, and you will end-up with something agile, such as SCRUM.

Applying knowledge management on communication, and a part of the solution is working out loud.
Applying knowleddge management on the work place, and you will end-up with something such as the new way of working (which is not new any more).

The applications of knowledge management are very wide, and the impact is enormous.

We have written three books on knowledge management - more information on that on

But also here, knowing the knowledge maturity is key.

It will determine your knowlege management approach, and make sure your implementation is succesful.

Try it out for a small group or department, and you'll be convinced of the added value.