Quality Management Maturity

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Quality Maturity

Do you need an (updated) quality management system?

Because your customers demand to?

Because you need better quality?

Is the introduction of a quality management system a mountain of work you do not control?

Is your current quality management system 'only paperwork'?

Do you see your current quality management system as 'an obligation, not really adding quality'?

Is your current quality management system a millstone, dragging your organization down?

Then you want to have a quality management system clearly adding value.

More information on White Ravens Quality Management System on www.whiteravensqms.com.

But we can deliver your key already: by knowing the quality maturity of your co-workers, departments, countries and organizations, you will know how to introduce the quality management system.

So that the quality management system becomes what it should be: a tool to improve quality, decreasing costs, owned and driven by every co-worker.

Try it out, for a small department, and you'll see the added value of knowing the quality management maturity immediately.